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Drive Growth with Smarter Account Management

Leverage a process-oriented customer account improvement strategy to drive sales growth with existing customers

Don't have an account management strategy?

Existing customers and merchants are a critical revenue source for every organization. Meeting your growth targets requires businesses to establish well-defined account management processes and tools that not only retain existing customers, but also enable sales teams to identify, and execute growth opportunities within their account base.

At NetAmbit our teams are dedicated to ensure that not your sales team achieve their account management targets, but your partners pursue a growth strategy as well which in turn benefits you in the longer term. 

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Act now for  account growth

At NetAmbit, we focus on growing your accounts rather than just retaining them! We start by focusing on four critical tactics


We enable your selling partners to drive growth conversations — and provide them with the right tools and support to make it easier to identify and pursue improvement opportunities.


Selling is a team sport. At NetAmbit we function as one big team to drive growth-oriented behaviors: critically evaluate your business needs, deliver unique perspectives and creatively brainstorm improvement opportunities.


By tracking account health and right metrices, teams can better determine where to direct customer improvement efforts.


At NetAmbit we believe in niche and expertise to assign roles & responsibilities that reduce role complexity, improve efficiency and lower churn

A formal strategic account management program can

Foster customer loyalty

Engage with your partners and customers on a daily basis, ensuring rapid response to their problems and hence improved loyalty index

Stimulate growth

Strong relationships with your partners help develop stable revenue streams and stimulate growth

Increase profitability

Up-selling and cross-selling to help you increase revenues and profitability

Heightened account control

Build close, long-lasting relationships with your clients and partners

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Relationship is Key

At NetAmbit

Relationship management can make or break the profitability of an account. Relationships can vary from a very resource-intensive one such as customer operating partnerships, to moderately/low resource-intensive such as user journey management

It is critical to be extremely clear about what kind of relationship fits which account. The key factors in account relationship selection are: (1) potential margin; (2) operating fit; and (3) relationship versus buyer transactions.

The real art of fostering relationships is to understand where each relationship should end up, and to systematically steer each account into the most profitable configuration.